About Boiler Masters, Inc.

Boiler Masters, Inc. is a privately held corporation with North Carolina being our state of incorporation.


When first incorporated in 1980, boiler service and installations were our only business. Since that time, we have diversified and today are performing considerably more than just boiler work. Beyond our name, Boiler Masters, Inc. is now a fully licensed/bonded mechanical contractor capable of completing “HVAC” and industrial process projects.


Being safety conscious, we observe and comply with all Federal, State and local regulations. These are generally governed by the “Occupational Safety and Health Act”. We also remain flexible enough to obey any owner’s safety rules which may be more strict than “OSHA” and apply to a specific project.


Business Philosophy

An expanding fad in the contracting industry is to be “High-Tech” everything, with companies specializing in narrow fields. At Boiler Masters, Inc., we are diversifying to bring our customers a single source of responsibility for all phases of a mechanical project. Our flexibility enables us to meet individual project needs and schedules, while not sacrificing quality workmanship. This attitude keeps our customers happy and makes us proud of our work. It is our belief that honesty and integrity never go “out of style” or become “old-fashioned.”


Boiler Masters, Inc. is an “OPEN” shop with our principal business being:

  • Boiler Installations/Repairs
  • Chiller/Cooling Tower Installations
  • Rental Boilers: Low/High pressure steam, HW
  • HVAC Pipe and Duct
  • Incinerators, Economizers, Deaerators and Domestic Water Systems
  • Combustion and Energy Management Control Update and Repairs
  • Custom Fabrication of Condensate Receivers
  • DA Tank Installations
  • “R” Stamp Certified Welding
  • Process Piping